TBD is part consultancy & part community space helping remote managers, entrepreneurs, makers empower their remote & distributed team to do their best work.

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Set a foundation

No team is successful without stepping back and creating a system that will strengthen a distributed or remote team year over year.


Build trust

Working remotely or with a distributed team creates barries. We'll help you brainstorm ideas that can instill trust from day 1.


Use the right tech

Slack? Email? Zoom? There's infinite tools. By observing how your team communicates we can help audit the tools you use.

Top-down approach

It all starts at the top. Refactoring the thinking with leadership is the first step to creating a healthy remote culture.

Juggle different time zones

Don't worry - there's a solution for this. We'll get you set up.

Foster team relationships

From virtual watercoolers to in-person retreats there's a number of ways we can work together to find ways that will bring your team closer.